pivot: verb

keeping one foot firmly in place
as you shift the other in a new direction
(a shift in strategy)

closed for business

The sun has set on our web agency which has served the Wood River and Sun Valley clients for the past few years. Current clients will be taken care of and provision will be made for services. However, the web agency we are no longer taking on further clients or projects.

The agency and principals who make up the team, have "pivoted" into a new market with a software solution that will require full bandwidth of time and resources. The undisclosed-project will be announced at a later date but for the time being any and all questions or requests for web developer references should be emailed to the link on the right and we will answer with the usual expedience.

Thank you for your business and patience.

about osenga

Rick Osenga has a strong background in web tech and digital creativity. He now runs an international team of full-stack developers for a software and app startup.

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